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No Papers, No Tests, No Stress, No Headaches!

Well I have just gotten over a 3 day migrane headache. I've never had one of those before so it was a real thrill. Lotso' medication to say the least. I'm done all of my school crappola for another semester. I was actually done last tuesday. anyways now I gotta run around and get all of my chridmis shoppin done. the folks will be here in a few days too. I hope to go riddin with Courtney this week beofre all the kiddies get out of school. Her and I had suck a great day today. We went for a nice long walk and got some cedar for the cards we are making. Tonight I believe we are going to go to Buchart Gardens to see all the lights. That should be exciting. Anyways, I'm in the process of downloading some new tunage. I saw this band called The Story of the Year on the Late Late Show the other night and they were awesome. So i'm just wrappin up dowloading there CD. Lates!
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