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Been so Long

thought i'd better update this piece! back in schoo again ... crypes! its been almost 3 weeks since i've been back. time flies! this semester rules cause i'm only in 3 classes and 2 of them are with my buddy andrew. not too much is new with me. my editors at the schoo paper are stocked with my work and want me to write more, but i dont know if i want to commit myself to anything to grand. i just like writing the odd music review when something i like comes through. i'm getting super stocked for this years warped tour, i'm already starting to save some coin cause there are so many bands that i want merch from! today i am taking shmeng to the bridal fair (dont worry we're just going for kicks, not to shop!) i hope there is free cake! haha. here is the review that i did for Billy Talent, i am pretty happy with it! anawayz the boss is callin! Lates.

In the sea of radio waves we are plagued with Sum 41s, Simple Plans, and Blink 182s. It seems each week there is a new band hopping on the already over-crowded carbon copy wagon. However, every once in a while a band slips through the major label’s fingers. Billy Talent’s debut release is a refreshing change from … well, everything else.
As soon as “This is How it Goes” starts the disc, the listener is blessed with catchy guitar hooks and fist-pounding drum beats. But the true power of Billy Talent resonates in its lead singer, Benjamin Kowalewicz. This guy is wound up tighter than Michael Jackson’s bed sheets; and when released screams louder than Paris Hilton in her Internet videos. Although there is one song about an ex-girlfriend, Kowalewicz does not solely rely on this ever-popular topic to get through the album. Kowalewicz’s relentless vocal prowess never putters out, right through to the explosive concluding song “Voices of Violence.”
As an added bonus, the CD is enhanced with a behind the scenes documentary on the band which can be viewed on a computer. Today, artists can no longer shrink-wrap their albums without adding something extra to entice a sale instead of a download. Billy Talent has succeeded in this task as the video embarks on the band’s time in the studio as well as stage footage. Billy Talent’s insistence that the album’s price tag be kept low, combined with the added video, makes this disc a steal for the budget-conscious punk rocker.

RATING: 9/10
Brent Sheen
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