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Best Man

So yesterday I got a call from my cousin in Medicine Hat. I wasn't home, but I returned his call right away because Courtney's mom said it sounded urgent. We were supposed to call each other every month, but have yet to do so. I thought he was starting er up so I was stoked. I called him right back and he told me that he and his long time girlfriend just bought a house. Then he told me that he asked her to marry him the day before. This was all good news and I congratulated him. Then he began to ask me another question and I cut him off before he could even finish. You see, back when we were kids we promised one another that we would be each other's best man at our weddings. I told him that it would be my honor to be his best man. We hung out alot before I moved to the island. There was a pretty good crew of us and I keep in touch, but not as much as I should. It really touched me that he would still ask me. Now I have to start thinking about what the hell to do for the bachelor party and of course the speech I have to give in front of our massive family (and I mean massive! we're talking 100's of people here). I also gotta get into some serious shape, lots of pictures are going to be taken and I wanna look my finest.
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