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Bloggin'er back in Sidney!

"Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain".
- Edward De Bono

Man! My English teacher has been pickin' some steller quotes for the thoughts of the day this go round! I have not done an entry on any of our readings yet! I find the thoughts of the day relate to me more than the readings, but anaaaaaaaawayz! Humour is what gets me through my day. If I dont make someone laugh at least once a day then I have done something horribly wrong. Eddie here has got it all figured out! Humour is the most significant aspect of the brain because it's sole purpose is to make happiness. Humour comes in all shapes. A funny joke or a silly face can can make someone laugh, thereby creating humour. The world would be a pretty bleak joint if there was no humour shared between its inhabitants. Its funny how different everyones humour is. My girlfriend tells me all the time that I am funny, but to a stranger I may seem rude and abnoxious. And those strangers probably have a completely different sense of humour. All in all I must be somewhat funny because I do make paople laugh. I think it is one of my most favorite personality traits, therefore, I believe that Eddie's quote hauls ass and makes complete sense!

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