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Top Gun

So last night we decide to watch Top Gun to pay homage to the t-shirt I designed. Actually, Courtney has never seen the film in its entirety and wanted to watch it. Long story short, Top Gun has to be one of the "gayest" films ever made. Now dont get me wrong, I have nothing against those who putt from the ruff. The first scene that comes to mind is the volleyball game. Or the pilots' first day of school. Here is what 2 pilots say to each other ...

Pilot 1: *leans over to 2nd pilot* "This is giving me a hard on"

Pilot 2: *looks into eyes of 1st pilot "Dont tease me"

BRUTAL!!! haha

How bout' this one: Tower commander comes out of Viper's office yelling about Maverick and Goose's flyby ...

"I want someone's butt ... I WANT BUTTS"

GAAAAAAAAAAY! aaaah hahaha

Or this one: Locker room scene. All guys are wearing towels (expected in a locker room). However, Maverick walks up to Goose, who is sitting on a bench. Maverick puts his leg up on the bench, easily exposing his F-16 (and by F-16 I mean schlong). I think I even saw Goose take a look at Mavericks cash and prizes.

Well I loved the movie when I was five but now its good for a laugh. I still stand by my shirt which you can go look at here

It's called "Iceman"

I think I better start writing more in the journal as Courtney made it look so damn good for me!

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